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13 Ways to Solve Not Having Enough Money to Live on


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Not Enough Money

Not Enough Money

Nowadays, most of the people are busy working for money.  They are working hard to earn and to have enough money to live on.  Despite of their job and working so hard in it, still their common problem is they don’t have enough money to sustain their basic needs.

You may observe that many people who are working and earning are not happy with their job.  They are not contended or satisfied with their earning.

Still they are trap in the rat race.   It is common to them to live the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.  The common reason is traditional cultures of Americans –high passion on material things.

I believe you will agree with me with this quote from W. Somerset Maugham “Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make a complete use of the other five.”

Indeed, lack of money can affect our body cells and our emotion. Having not enough money could cause sadness and desperation to others?

I know many of you heard many questions from your friends like; how to make enough money?  Why do I never have enough money?  Or maybe you had asked yourself also the same questions.

Today, I will share to you the 13 solutions to avoid of not having enough money.

13 Effective Solutions to Not Having Enough Money

In United States alone, there are 20% of Americans who cannot afford to buy basic needs for themselves and their families.  This article is dedicated to all people out there who are sick of having not enough money.

Please continue reading and select which strategy can help you earn more money to support your living.

1.    Spend Less

The root of most money problems or not having enough money is over spending.  So, the first and foremost solution is to spend less and cut your expenses.

Make a habit to prepare your monthly or weekly budget.  You can monitor and control your expenses by having a budget.

You can simplify your cost of living and still be happy.  Spend only on your basic needs like food, clothing and others.  Avoid obsession of luxurious and unwanted things.  Be smart and spend wisely your money.

If you want to know how to cut your expenses and spend less, you can read more here on the 3 Ways to stop overspending money.

2.    Earn Higher Education

Increasing your earning power can resolve your lack of money problem.   You can increase your earning potential by completing college degree.  And if you have a college degree may be you need to take MBA to be competitive or marketable.

Higher Education Earn Higher Income

Higher Education Earn Higher Income

There is a study that an average individual who have a college degree earn 84% higher than those who have only high school diploma.  In fact, one of the reports in The Business Journal said like this “the more you learn the more you earn”.

3.    Get an Extra Jobs

The simplest way to have additional money is to get part-time jobs. You can take your second job in the evening time or during weekend.

If you have good skills in bartending, you can approach your local pub.  Maybe you have knowledge in web designing and IT; you can be a freelance web designer.

4.    Start Small Investment

In investing, it does not require huge amount of money when you are starting.  You can do it like a baby step.  Start with small investment.

Consider buying cash assets investment.  Cash assets are investment that can easily convert into cash like shares, stocks, mutual funds, time deposit and others.

The most important thing in this strategy to make enough money is that you are making your money to put more cash into your pocket.  You are making money while you are still working with your job.

Indeed, let your money work for you.  In fact, Suze Orman, one of the great financial guru said; “the key to making money is to stay invested”

5.    Get a High Paying Jobs

Now, if you are stuck in your present job and you feel that there is no room for promotion or pay raises, then you need to look for a high paying job.  But take note that before you give your resignation letter see to it that you have already a job offer from your new company.

Make it sure that you get only a high paying job that can give you higher income.  Do a lot of research in the internet.  If you cannot find in your state, try to check in other states. If there is no better opportunities in your country try to check overseas jobs.

Do you know that most Americans and citizens from western countries are earning big bucks in the Middle East, Asia and African region?  Yes, they are offering high wages because they need skilled and experts from western countries.

These regions believe that through hiring people from western countries can bring advance technology and knowledge to their country.  Others find high paying job as English teacher.  In the blog of Sam, it was mentioned that there is a tax shield or advantage of working abroad and can make you earn more money by working overseas.

6.    Rent out your room or space

You can make money from your vacant room or basement.  Rent it out and post it in Craigslist or in your local newspaper.  There is a growing demand for those that are looking for cheap space to live.

Clean and decor the room in order to attract more clients.  You can also make higher rent rate with your newly renovated and decorated room.  Be sure that you include nice photo when you are posting your advertisement.

Even your parking space, you can rent it out.  Pauline is earning passive income of $1,440 per year from renting out her parking space in UK.

7.    Be Smart with Kids Expenses

Be practical especially when it comes to kids expenses.  Do you need really to send your kids to private school?  Spending $20,000 to $40,000 for your kids’ education can cause short of money for your family.

Apply smart decision when you are buying toys, expensive clothes or gadgets.  Buying too much toys and gadgets are not practical at all.

Instead of buying these kids’ stuffs, buy something that will earn in the future.  Save your money rather than you are spending it for your child’s toys and stuffs.

Look at what the father of Carlos Slim Helu do to him when he was young.  He help the young Carlos to buy his stock share while he was still 12 years old.

8.    Sell your Stuffs

You don’t have enough money, not a problem; you can earn extra money from your old stuffs.  Somebody out there for sure will be willing to buy those stuffs.   You can sell it through online like eBay and Craigslist or backyard sale.

You are earning extra money while you are removing clutters in your house.  If you want to know what stuffs you can sell, Alexa has comprehensive list of things from your home that you can sell online.

9.    Downsize your Car and House

If your family is having more than one car, think first the cost for maintenance, insurance, fuel, monthly amortization and others.  Sell your other car and maintain only one car.  Share your car with your wife or husband.  By doing this, you can spend more time together while cutting your expenses.

Solving Money Problems

Solving Money Problems

You can also cut your expenses by moving to a small house.  Be honest to yourself; house is to have roof over your head.  The bigger house you have the higher cost you are spending for electricity, cooling and cleaning.

If you want to know more how others downsize their car and house; read here the inspiring story of Tammy and her Family.

10. Choose your friend

By selecting your friends, you can avoid unwanted spending.  You are tempted to buy new clothes, expensive drinks and costly stuffs because of peer pressure.

Your friend can affect your money matter and how you handle your finances.  Extravagant friends can make you always short of money.

Remember the saying, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”.

11. Get out from Interest Fee

One of the additional expenses you are paying is interest fee from your credit card balance, loan and mortgage.  Get rid of paying interest particularly those charging you higher rate like credit card.

Let say you are paying $50 interest fee for every unpaid balance on your credit card, it means that you are dumping a total of $600 annually.   Imagine you are paying extra $600 every year from credit card.  This amount alone could cause you to have not enough money to live on.

Make sure that you are paying full balance of your credit card to avoid interest.  Abstaining from using credit card is one of the better options.

12. Pay your bill on time

Another reason why you are not having enough money is that you are paying unnecessary expenses like penalties.  This can be avoided by paying all your bills on time.

This includes paying taxes too.  Remember that the longer you settle your bill, the higher penalties will incur.

13. Make Money Online

Learn how to earn additional money in the internet world.  There are many successful people making big bucks through online.

If you want to know how to make enough money for living, find out here the different ways to make money online.



If you want to have an answer for not having enough money, you have to act now.  Only YOU could solve your lack of money problems.  Discipline and action are important factors that could help you solve it.

Above strategies may not complete the list but you can choose any of those and start acting now.  Nothing will harm you if you start.  One thing for sure, it will solve of not enough money to live on.

Do you experience lack of money?  How did you solve your problem of not having enough money? 

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  1. This is a very good post! You’re right paying bills on time might be a good help. If you just neglect paying your bills sometimes you didn’t noticed that the bill increases plus the charges. Making a good budget might bring you to save more.
    Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way recently posted..Stock Picking: Buy the LeadersMy Profile

  2. All good stuff here. We are working hard to get out of debt, and are utilizing most all of these tips. Along with #5, I would recommend too on insisting on a raise if you have the performance and experience to back up your request. My husband recently did this, and after a few months of waiting, ended up with a 10% increase on his wage. But he would have not received this if he hadn’t asked.
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted..Hidden Tips for Saving Money at Home: Part 2My Profile

  3. While I think continuing to learn and educate yourself is essential to your potential for earning and making yourself valuable, I’m not sure how much higher education (at least beyond a college degree) will help. Is it worth it for me to go to grad school and rack up all that debt? I just don’t know anymore.
    I try to self-educate every day though. LOTS of reading.
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted..Money Manners: Error In Your Favor. What To Do?My Profile

  4. You have some great ideas here to make more money. It is important to stay out of debt, as compound interest works for you debt can go the other way. Building wealth often takes sacrifice.
    Charles@Gettingarichlife recently posted..Negative Net Worth Means You’re Paying To WorkMy Profile

  5. I prefer making more rather than spending less, but I try to do both. Keeping bills low is certainly part of my financial plan.
    SuburbanFinance recently posted..How Much Would You Pay For A Masterpiece?My Profile

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