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February 4, 2016
by Wealth Desire

New Financial Plan Sample for New Year

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We have new financial plan sample for this year. I firmly believed that year 2016 will be a great year for economy, for our investment and for our financial being.

Meanwhile, New Year eve in Dubai was awesome.  Most of the high end hotels are fully booked. Seemingly that the economy of Dubai is doing well.

Though there is one five star hotel that caught fire, yet it does not hold the excitement of fireworks. There’s astonishing fireworks display in the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa.

Actually there are various fireworks displays around Dubai. It took about 24 minutes simultaneous fireworks.

Our New Financial Plan Sample

This year we have our new financial plan format for my family.

In the beginning of this year, I deposited an equivalent to $2,120 as our savings to our saving account in Philippines. As you know my family and I are living in Dubai for more than 10 years now.

We set ourselves to aggressively save more money this year. We are saving for our financial freedom. We keep our savings and other funds in our home country, Philippines, in order not to be tempted to spend it.

We have also savings here in Dubai. One of the biggest tips in saving money is to put your savings in place that you cannot access easily. This is to avoid the temptation to withdraw once you want to buy or spend.

I also withdrew my savings in the national bonds saving program here in UAE. It lost my interest instead I lend it to our friend. When we lend money to other people (not family or close friend) we usually charge an interest.

Another financial plan sample for our family for this year is to keep investing in different companies listed in the Philippines. I can trade and monitor my investment daily. Stock investment is very risky but I do my homework before I jump on this kind of investment.

Investing in stock market is very risky. China stock market is going down and other countries stock market are also affected.

I doubt that there is an interconnected trading algorithm that is why there is a domino effect on other stock market.

Additional personal financial plan is to engage in real estate investment. We are still paying monthly for the condo unit that we bought during the pre-selling. Actually, we are planning to sell it and use the money into different investment vehicle. The only problem is that we are not in the Philippines to execute the selling process.

On other hand, our lot property has only 5 months remaining before we will pay off. This is a residential lot and over the years the value is keep rising. It is important for our family to keep living simply in order to live below our means.

On weekends we are trying to bring kids to the park to play. Kids need bigger space to explore, run and play. It is practical rather than going to mall. Going to commercial places will end you up spending money.

I am still working with my present job but I am looking for a new job as a senior engineer or manager in building construction. I want to work more for about 1 to 2 years. I want to keep investing in stock or other properties while working.

We need also to add our savings and investment in bonds. However, if things will not go to the plan, I am keeping myself ready to venture into business. I want to start it small and let it grow along the way.

Bottom Line

Though we are experiencing a challenging economy still there are lots of opportunities to make money and to invest. I am positive that this year will be good.

I believe that we are the one who are creating our own luck. I firmly believe that this year will be our lucky year.

Photo Credit: SIM

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January 14, 2016
by Wealth Desire

Living To Expand Your Means is the Key to Reach Financial Freedom

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Living to expand your means might be the key that you are looking for to reach you financial freedom or to meet your needs. Like you, many others are still financially struggling because of unstoppable price increase of common commodities. Inflation is one of the main causes that keep you poor.

As you observe, most of the middle class people keep complaining that their money is not enough. Their income is low while inflation is going up.

Income from your job will hold you to keep working. However if you will do other ways to make more money it can certainly help you increase your means.

An ordinary people get rich or achieve financial success because of multiple streams of income.

There are many ways to earn more money out there. Other people choose the illegal means of expanding their income.

Illegal ways of increasing your income is not the answer. Yes, you will be rich but this is for short term only.

Time will come that you will be caught by authorities like the big drug cartel in Mexico or other countries in South America.

Do you know that most successful people are always looking for long term ways of expanding their income? It is not surprising that they build fortune through the proven ways of making more money.

3 Ways of Living to Expand your Means


These 3 effective ways of living to increase your means will absolutely improve your chances of getting rich or getting out from financial trouble.

Common and Easiest ways to increase your Means

Some people desire to look for new job that will offer higher salary or with very competitive benefits. You can do this if you find that your company is in bad situation and there is no growth for both your career and income.

Many people don’t want to risk jumping to other company with higher pay. They feel contended with their present pay but keep complaining of having not enough money.

My advice is search a new job only if you desire to increase your pay and for career growth. Learn how to negotiate your salary.

Demand for above average salary same on your profession and experience.

Millionaires Ways of Expanding your Means

If you will study about the people who are on the top 400 billionaires, they are those individuals that have their own business. Having business will certainly increase their income.

Compare the building wealth race between employee and entrepreneur, who will reach the finish line first? Maybe both of them can reach the finish line but the employee will take time to reach his financial goal.

Most of the time, employee has no control of expanding his means that is why it takes longer period.

While the entrepreneur or investor, they can rich the finish line of building wealth in a shorter period. He can control his income and he can manage it to increase.

It is very clear that most of the time, working with someone will not get you rich. You cannot control your income. Chances your money is limited.

Indeed, having a job means you have no control of your time or speed to accumulate the wealth that you desire.

Fastest Ways to Increase your Means

The quickest way to increase your money is to build high-tech startups. High tech company is the new trend of way of getting rich. The most important is that your products or services that will be launch can solve the common problems of the people.

If your products or services will impact to millions of people then you can sell it to them. Surely your income will increase to millions or billions.

Remember what happened to those founders of the social media like Facebook and twitter. Most of them become the youngest billionaires. They quickly turn their ideas into multi-billion company.

They did not only increase their means but build a fortune exponentially.

Think of a new product or services that can surplus Facebook and twitter. The secret is to think outside of the box and come out with enticing solution.

Look for the common problems in your community or the world most concerning issues and then create a product or service that can answer those problems.

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December 17, 2015
by Wealth Desire

Best Reasons to Live Below your Means

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Best Reasons To Live Below Your Means

Best Reasons To Live Below Your Means

Do you want to have a meaningful and easy life?  Then you have to live below your means.  Are you looking for convincing or best reasons why to live below your means?

I firmly believed that one of the best reasons why you need to embrace living below your means is that, this is the first step to get rich.

It is the wonderful secret that whatever your income is you can be rich.  It is the astonishing truth in this world that everything is possible if you want to.

A lot of people desire huge income but only few people like to live simple life with lesser costs of living.

Buying a pricey house in the elite neighborhood will not make you happy.  Yes, you will be proud of it.

However, when you realize the burden every month that you are paying you will feel the pain.

It literally drains your pocket plus the price of sleepless nights.  To be happy doesn’t need necessarily to rob your bank.

Remember this that not all people who own big houses and expensive cars are rich people.  Surprisingly these are middle class broke people.

Why bother yourself to buy branded clothes or watches if it will not give you an income.

Many people now are focused or concerned on what the other people will tell them.  They become conscious on showing pretentious materials.

It is necessary that you must focus on your needs and not on what you want. Needs are the basic necessity to survive and to live a happy life like foods, clothes and shelter.

In fact, those people and families that are living well below their means are those that are living happily.  They have less stress in life.

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Actually, they want to avoid overspending that can stress their financial being.

Do you really need to have a big house?  Okay, it is practical if you are a big family or planning to have a big family.

10 Best Reasons to Live Below Your Means

The following ten reasons to live with less expenditure will change the way you live or the way you spend.

Earning huge income is not an assurance to get rich.  It is surprisingly those people who earn big end up broke.  However, people who live below their means become wealthy.

  1. You Can Pay down Your Debt fast

How you can pay off your debt fast?  Assuming your debt are link only to your home mortgage or car loan.   You can pay these quickly by adding the amount that you will pay more than the monthly amortization or due.

With the extra money you have, you have the capacity to increase your payout buy paying the principal.

The higher you pay for the principal, the sooner you can pay off.

It is certain that if you maintain your lifestyle and spending less you can absolutely pay off your debt fast.

  1. You can save for Emergency fund

Most of the cases if you are overspending, it means you have no money left for savings.

Less expense means more extra money to save.

Moreover, if you prioritize your future, you priorize saving for emergency needs.  You don’t know when the emergency time will come.

Having a saving for emergency fund means you are planning yourself to be ready in time of crisis or disaster. One thing for sure is if you are ready, the impact to your family is less.  Do you remember the strongest typhoon that hits in Philippines on November 8, 2013?  That is “Typhoon Haiyan”.  The people who reside in the most affected areas are not ready.

They are not ready not only on the effect of the catastrophe but also financially.  Most of the people there do not have emergency fund.  Looting incidents and fighting among victims are common at that time.

So, if you love your family you don’t want to happen this to your family. Start now learning and living far your means.

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  1. You are living with lesser stress

Many successful people focus on living beneath their means because they don’t want to have debt.  Debt in any form is stressful.

Life without debt is less worry. You will not worry where you will get the next payment for your bill, rents or mortgage.

Financial trouble is one of the cause of stress.  Mismanaging of family income is one of the major causes of family trouble.

  1. Improve your financial being

Once you adopt living simple and spending less, subsequently your financial being will improve. Embracing this lifestyle, you can control your finances.

Overusing of credit cards will be avoided.  Then you can pay the balance every month.

If you spend only what you can afford, there is no reason for you to get into debt.  There is no room or excuses also that you cannot improve your money habits.

  1. You can start investing

Once you accumulated some money from your savings start investing.  Do not wait for perfect time. You have the capacity now to invest it.

The best thing you can do is to start small but target it big.  People who have multiple stream of income are those who keep their expenses low.

These people choose to live a simple life in order to maintain little expenditure.  They give importance on spending on assets and investments that can turn into passive income.

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  1. You will become millionaire or billionaire

Those who are rich, millionaires or billionaires are those folks who are living within their income.  If you could observe now, those who build their fortune are those who choose to live below their means and the other one is expanding their means.

Your cost of living and lifestyle will reflect how much you have in your bank account or investment.

  1. You stop borrowing money from other

How do you feel when you need money and you don’t have?  What is like keeping borrowing money from friends, colleagues and from our families?

If you manage your money properly then there are no reasons that you force yourself to get loan from others.

Spending habits like “there is no tomorrow” is the result for most people to live paycheck to paycheck.  Most of the time before the end of the month you don’t have money left anymore and you need to borrow to pay the taxi or fuel.

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  1. You can reach financial freedom 

If you have a discipline with your lifestyle and expenses then definitely you can reach financial freedom.  When your expenses are less than what you earn, you can invest the difference to give you a cash flow.

Financial independence starts always with your lifestyle.  Freedom can only be a dream if you keep living the common lifestyle of the joneses.

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  1. You can quit your job easily

If you are planning to leave your company, you can do it without too much worrying.  Fear feeling is less if you don’t have debt.

However if you are overspending you are becoming slave of stuff and to your lenders.  You don’t have guts also to quit your job because you are in need of paycheck to sustain your overspending habits.

Again, you become slave in your job because of bad decision with your money.


  1. You can share or donate your extra money

By being smart with your expenses and your money, you have the ability to share your blessings to other.  Rich people know that when they donate some money to charity or to people, they have that unexplainable happiness.

You will gain astonishing feeling when you see the life of people improve after you help them.

When you share your money to others you are opening the door for the universe to return back what you give to others.  Yes, universe gives back to you, it might double or triple the value.

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You are the driver of your destiny and if you want to achieve a stress free life you have the choice to live what you can afford of.  You will not have a happy life if you are living extravagantly using credit or debt to support this kind of lifestyle.

Indeed a journey to a million worth of life begins with your single step.  It is living below your means that matter whatever your income is.

Photo Source: moviespix

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November 19, 2015
by Wealth Desire

Effective Habits of Millionaires To Develop If You Want To get Rich

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Habits of Millionaires

Habits of Millionaires; Photo source:

Effective habits of millionaires are one of the best things you have to develop to certainly become rich like them. You may wonder why ordinary people become successful; it is because their daily routines they are practicing.

Reaching dreams life is not hard if you have are the habits and traits are aligned with successful people’s personalities.

What is the different between the rich people and poor people?

The main answer is the habits. A man can possibly be successful if he will change his habits. Once he adopt the millionaires habits, success can be easily reached.

If you are an employee you will not get promoted to the next position if you have poor working habits. If you have good habits it will create a big impact to reach you goals or to become millionaire.

“Our daily decision and habits have a huge impact upon both our level of happiness and success” – Shwan Achor

There are lots of habits we can develop but only 20% of the habits that will bring you to a successful life. If you practice these 10 daily habits of millionaires, I am sure after few months you will become prosperous in your life.

We can copy the below 10 habits of very wealthy people.

10 Effective Habits of millionaires

  1. Millionaires are wide reader

Millionaires want to be informed always. They want to know what is going on the local or global market. They want to identify which trend is god or bad for business or for investing. Most successful millionaires have collection of books if not in their house or in their office.

They read voraciously in order to enhance their knowledge. By reading they keep their brain active. They read in order to unwind not only their mind but their whole body.

There is an article from Harvard Business Review that says that reading is the best ways to relax. By reading six minutes can reduce stress for about 68%.


  1. Millionaires Wake Up Early

Majority millionaires sleep early and wake up early. They discover that they are more productive if they start working early. Even the very tough task can be done smoothly in the morning.

I discovered that working early morning is less destruction. You can accomplish more tasks because you are focus on your work. With your accomplishment you can certainly reach a successful life.

If you feel tired or lazy to do exercise, it is advisable to do it as soon as you wake up. This habit is not only for the new generation millionaires but also for older generation.

They have willpower to bring more results when doing things in the morning. Their mind is still fresh and can easily quickly decide what is good or right for every choice.

  1. Millionaires are planning ahead

People who accumulated fortune those who are keep planning ahead about their financial being. The have a good financial planning. They are certain if they plan now they can achieve their desire wealth.

Imagine if you don’t have a plan as soon as you when wake you do not know what to do. You get lose where to start. This is one of the reasons why most people failed.

However, with plan ahead you are focus on doing with your goal. Plan helps you to execute and fulfil your dream. In fact, financial planning is of the effective wealth strategies of most of the self-made millionaires.

They know where to start and which one is the priority first. With a plan in their hands, it can limit their chances to fail.

  1. Rich People are smart saver

Rich people are frugal and smart saver. They are not pretentious on material things. They buy what only their needs. This habits mirror what the common traits of millionaire in the book “The Millionaire Next Door. They control their expenditure in order to preserve more money.

Saving is one way of preservation. Their saving is not kept in the bank but they park it in different investment portfolio. They priority is to keep building wealth.

While poor people focus on buying liabilities. They buy big house, big cars, boats, banded clothes and more. If you feel that you need to save now, here is the 24 best way to save money.

  1. They have self discipline

Millionaires have strong self discipline. They can accomplish more tasks in a given day. They focus on achieving on their goals while avoiding distractions.

They can control themselves in avoiding any temptation that might cause of the delay in achieving their goals. Their attention is focus mainly on the most important priority of their life. This valuable habit makes a rich person more productive.

Self-disciple will help you to become successful. In fact self discipline is one of the 3 secret formulas of success.

  1. Courageous for all decision and action

Wealthy individuals are very brave to fight their enemy. The number enemy of getting rich is you. You must conquer first your own fear to have courage to commit yourself.

Millionaires have the courage to do an action. Millionaires are firm to make decision. Before the make decision they study first. They are not afraid to ask if they have some doubt about their action.

They have the inner strength to choose not to be an employee for the longer period. They stand their decision to start their own business.

Courage is important habits to be successful entrepreneur because of the risk attributes to their business and growing it.

  1. Wealthy people are keep learning

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Successful people are keeping investing themselves. They continue adding feathers on their head. They are always exploring new ideas and new opportunity.

Actually, I found out that most millionaires are regularly attending seminars, webinars and new short courses to keep educating themselves. They want to avoid waste of time and money in building wealth.

They continue learning from other people mistakes. They learn lessons from someone experience.

  1. Connecting with like minded people

Rich people spend time to network business colleagues and like-minded people. They hang out to share ideas and opportunities.

When you are connecting yourself with other individual that have the same interest, you can get supports and encouragement from them about your passion or business ventures.

Most of the millionaires that get rich from nothing secured funds for their business venture or start up from their circle of friend or network.  This is one of the best habits of very wealthy people that you should develop to have a higher chances of getting rich.

  1. Millionaires are optimistic in making money

Affluent people are very optimistic about world economy. Even in few times there is downside economy yet they see opportunity to make money. They heavenly invest their money when the world economy is down.

Another thing that I observed to the most affluent people is their optimism belief in turning ideas into money making venture. They are positive that every product or ideas they have can be turn into viable business.

  1. Good time manager

Time is very important to every wealth individual. They manage their time efficiently. They have a laser type focus. They avoid distractions.

Time is not gold for them but their most precious wealth. It is certainly that they can accomplish every projects or tasks they are undertaking because of time managing they are adopting.

Millionaires value every moment of their personal life and business. Indeed time management is the key to building wealth at set period.

Last words

Start developing daily habits of millionaires and you will not regret your life outcomes. Some normal people get rich because of their lifestyles that associated with good money habits.

Lastly I will share quote from Brian Tracy:  “successful people are simply those with successful habits

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November 5, 2015
by Wealth Desire


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Life is wonderful if you can control your financial being.  The life that you are experiencing is the life that you choose.  You have the will to control your own life.

If you are in a bad situation, that is the consequences of your decisions.

Many people cannot control their own lives because they failed to plan their own lives.  Without planning is fatal to your dream.

If you miss to plan your life, certainly you will live from someone’s plan.

If you cannot control your dream life now, somebody will control you.

Take a story of a hopeless man.  He has no education and his wife left him and his son.  He does not know what to do and where to sleep.

His unfortunate situation did not stop him to dream and to take control his life.  He manages to reach his dream life.

Many people want financial security that is why they choose to work on someone.  They feel secure to have a regular income and enjoy the benefits from their employer.

Their present income and position give security to them.  However, they cannot bring their life into an abundant living.

You can have an amazing life if you want to.

“Only you can control your future.” – Dr. Seuss

Our world economy is controlled by elite richest people.  Billionaires and employers keep controlling you by employing and giving very low wage. It is like a conspiracy, if you cannot get out you will be trapped.

You cannot control your income once you are an ordinary employee.  You cannot get salary that is equivalent what you are bringing to the company.

Capitalist and wealthy entrepreneurs control your dreams.

Let say, you bring about $100,000 every month to your company because of your work.  Your company, of course will not give you the same amount, or else the company will get bankrupt.

Remember most of the companies’ objective is to gain more profits.  Your company earns profits by cutting operation costs including your pay and your co-workers pay.

Your company is keep running because of two things.  Firstly, your company keeps profiting from you through your works, either you are a sales person, marketing, office support or factory worker.  Secondly, offering you a low wage against your time and effort.

“No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.” – Barbara de Angelis

If you cannot reach your dream life, it is because you did not conquer the number one enemy of success.  You are the number one enemy.

 3 Simple Ways To Control Your Own Life



Working with bad management is the worst thing that could happen to your career.  Everyday dealing with toxic and arrogant people are very stressful.

To get out from this scenario you have to hammer your head to realize that enough is enough.  Start with a concrete plan to escape from your situation.

Whatever situation you are in now, it is because you accept the plan of others.

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.” – Leonard Bernstein

It is not always the end of the world, there is still hope.  Think positive and the best thing will happen soon.

Envision a clear picture of your dream life and get the plan. To improve your financial being then financial planning is a must.

You can control your own life if you plan it ahead.

If you failed to plan your destiny you will get lost.  Then you will be trap with someone’s plan.

Design step by step how you will tackle your life and finances.

Do you want to get stuck with your present company? With your own plan, you are preparing your life the way you want to be in the future.

What are the strategies you will take to turn around your life?  Will that help you to improve your financial being?

Remember, if you failed to plan now, you are likely planning yourself to fail.


Now, if you are still unemployed, try to look for a job or create a products or services that you can sell to the market.

Internet is one of the best medium where you can sell your products or services.

Your commitment to control your life will be based on your present decision about your life.  If you want to stay unemployed forever, then look for alternative source of income.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” – Maya Angelou

If you are presently employed maintain the living below your means.  Being frugal to your needs doesn’t mean that you have to live a boring life.

Many people who decided to downsize their expenses and become happy.  They create an awesome life without too much spending on stuffs.

Choose now a small house or a big house with a big smart TV.  Are you happy with two cars or one car only?

Every decision has its own consequences.

The problem nowadays is most people are being fooled with false advertisement.  They are attracted to fake marketing, so they choose to buy big house in the suburban with two cars.

Just few decades ago, a family could live happily with one-income.

However, nowadays people are still striving even with two-income family.


Whatever is the decision you have in mind you must act now.   Your action is what matter now.  Render an action to control yourself.

By starting to apply action is half to reaching your dream life.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

If you keep earning and yet you are not saving, you are wasting your time.  If you are not putting into investment your savings, you are killing your time.  Time is the most valuable resources that you have.

Money is very important to have a good life.  Money cannot buy happiness but it can give you positive feeling.

If you don’t have money how would you feel?  Negative feeling isn’t it?

If you are receiving bills but you don’t have money to pay, how would you feel? It might be stressful and pressured right?

How about if you have a kid and he needs an urgent medication that costs $10,000, how would you feel if you don’t have money and insurance?

Start saving now so that you can start investing your money.  Let your money work for you.

Don’t be get enslave with money.  Control your life so that you will not be forever trading your time and soul again with your stupid boss.

Going back to the early part of this article, the hopeless father that I mentioned is a single father who builds his fortune from nothing. His name is Chris Gardner, a multimillionaire and successful entrepreneur.

I want to share you this saying from Paulo Coelho (author of The Alchemist): “I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fulfil our destiny, but our fate is sealed.”

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October 29, 2015
by Wealth Desire

Why Taking a Vacation is Important for Your Health and Wealth

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Importance of Vacation Time

Importance of Vacation Time

Why you need to take a family vacation?  Vacation is one of the best ways to relax ourselves from the work stress.  It is also the time where we can spend quality time with our family and love ones.

Unwinding once in a while is important. Taking one month vacation every year is a must to rejuvenate your body and soul.  There are many studies revealed that most of the causes of illness for adults nowadays is stress.

Stress is the major cause of death not only in United States but in most modern countries.

We get stress from our job, commuting to office and meeting financial obligations.

Your muscles, cells and body organs are affected due to continuous body anxiety or hassle from workloads.

Importance of Vacation Time

Certainly taking vacation will give you a break from fatigue and stress of work.

Luckily I have the opportunity to take a one month vacation.  One of my benefits in my job is one month paid leave and free family tickets.  We spend our vacation in the Philippines and we stay in our small and simple house.

Time passes so fast and can’t be turned back and that it is wise to spend your time with families and love ones.  Unfortunately both of my parents already passed away, so I cannot see them again.

Spend time with nature.  It is important to connect our body with nature.  It is relaxing.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.Charles Spurgeon

Reasons to Take a Vacation

Listening to the sounds of flowing water, sounds of birds, and other creatures are so relaxing.

Time flies is so fast that sometimes you just don’t realize that a whole year passed already without you taking vacation and it is too late to realize that you missed the relaxation that your body deserves. Think about it.  You are working hard for what?

If you keep trying to trade your time because of money, your health will certainly be affected.

Don’t be afraid to take a break from time to time from your job.

Nowadays, our jobs become so stressful and not only the workload but also the people around your office.

Sometimes your boss is the major source of stress, especially if is so dumb at work.

Vacations brighten a man. They tend to make his work more attractive to him and to make him more attractive to his work. -Harry Van Demark

Why You need to take a Vacation

When I was on vacation, I don’t have the pressure to check my emails.  If ever I check my emails, I don’t want to bother myself to reply especially if it is related to my work.

I want to enjoy my vacation.  I want to have fun and forget the world of working.

Taking an annual vacation is very helpful for me and for my family.  This is the time to recover the sleepless nights that we had.

I feel sad to those professional people who didn’t find time to take a break from their job.  They become a professional slave from their work.

People become imprisoned because of money or possessions.

They don’t have the freedom to get vacation leave.  They get worried of the loss of income once they get absent or take vacation.

They focus on chasing for money rather than let the money chase on them.

Now if you feel haggard and exhausted, taking a few days break is a must.  What is the use of earning money if your health is only deteriorating?

You can wake up any time you like.  No need for you to hurry.

I am really inspired by those ordinary people who have guts.  They quit their job not to take vacation but to travel around the world.

They follow their heart and dreams.

Money must be used to give better experience to us.

Indeed, taking vacation can improved your health and productivity.  Your health is your number one wealth.

Go and have a break.  Enjoy your vacation.

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October 15, 2015
by Wealth Desire

How I Paid off My Credit Card Debt That You Can Do Too

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Sometimes it’s too late to realize that we are already in bad situation with our credit card debt.  We acquired too much debt over a period of time.  The temptation is there to swipe in every purchase.

You know the psychological feeling if you are spending without handing over cash to the cashier, it is like an easy feeling.

However, once you pay cash for every purchase the pain feeling is there.

It is like feeling so easy to go for shopping without thinking the consequences of debt.  This is what I’ve experienced before.  I am not an expert but I learned from my own mistakes.

I realized the main reason why I keep working which is for money.  That’s true!  I trade my time and soul for money.

Huge part of my income goes to pay the bills.  The most expensive bill with high interest once you delay the payment is credit card.

I became aware that I deserve a better life.   I don’t want to waste my money or income to pay the debts.

So what I did is that, I focus on controlling and reducing my debt. Deep in me I know that I cannot control the world economy but I can control my own financial being.

I can control my expenses and my debt.  I need to plan how to pay off my debt from credit card first.  I want to cancel the 3 cards out of four.

It is not bad to have many credit cards but it all depends on how you control yourself using it.  In fact it is very helpful during emergency.  If you don’t have cash and you need to pay without any hassle you can use it.

After planning, I need to start action.  There is a burning desire to take one step at a time.

At the end, the outcome did not disappoint me.  Within a few months I paid off and cancelled my cards.

How I Paid off My Credit Card Debt

Now, I will share my personal step of paying off my own credit card debt.  This is beneficial to all who want to get rid of their credit card debt.

This might touch the life of others or this may inspire you to get out from debt if you are having one.

  1. Which Card First

As soon as I decided to get rid of my credit card debt, I want to pay off the three cards.  But the most important is which among the three cards I will pay off first.

At that time, I am so determined to pay off first the card that has lesser debt or outstanding balance.

The lesser the debt, the easier I can paid off.

Another factor that I choose to be paid off is the one that is nearly expiring or due for renewal with annual fee.  I plan it ahead to make sure to cancel it before the renewal period to avoid the annual fee.

I know many people out there will choose the card that is bearing higher debt.  It is a matter of your personal choice.

I like to follow the baby step.  I want to tackle my debt slowly at the beginning then to finish it surely.

  1. Cut the Cards

I get a pair of scissor and cut my card into pieces.  Yes, even though the card is still activated you can cut.

Once the card is cut or broken I cannot use it anymore again to purchase anything.  I cut it even there is still balance to pay.

By doing this I am keeping myself away from the temptation to swipe on every purchase I do.

I became conscious on my expenses and every expense I see to it to pay it with cash.

  1. Reduce your Expenses

After cutting my credit card, the next step is to cut our expenses.  My wife and I agreed that we need to reduce some expenses while keep paying our house and auto loan.

We look for other ways to reduce our expenses from mobile expenses, internet connection, TV subscription, water and electricity bill, fuel, etc.

We found out that we can remove other expenses that are not important.  We can live the same standard of living without those cut expenses.

One thing that I focus on during my journey to a wealthy life is to cut our expenses.  I can control my expenses in order to have more money.

I use the extra savings in paying card debt.  Remember that you have to do this in order to follow the step number 4.

  1. Maximize the payment

I know that if I keep paying based only on the minimum payment amount, I will never finish paying it down.  So, I decided to maximize my payment as long as I can.

I believe that in doing so, I could pay off my card quickly.

I used my extra savings to pay off debt.  I found out that a credit card debt is one of the expensive debts.

It charges a higher interest rate compared to other debt like house or auto loan.

It is practical and smart decision for me to focus on maximizing my payment to pay off early.

  1. Cancel it

As soon as I paid off the first credit card debt, I called my bank to cancel it.  I need to cancel it so that the bank will not charge me for the new annual fee.

After our conversation with the customer service, I feel relaxed that one of my credit cards was paid off and cancelled.

I feel the joy that I am nearly reaching my financial journey by reducing my debt one at a time.

I am confident that we can survive without debt.  We can live happily without financial trouble.


  1. Repeat step 1 to 5

The final step I did is repeating the first five procedures until I cancelled all my three cards.  Now I have the momentum of paying my debt.

It is very easy for me to handle the next cards.  Even the debt is higher; I know I can make it again.

I follow the baby step.


As we grow and continue living we commit mistakes, especially in handling or using our credit cards.  But we learned the best lessons in life.

We have also the will to correct every mistake we did.

Like my credit card debts, it is one of the examples of my financial mistakes.  Then, I commit myself to correct it.

Now, I have only one credit card out of four and I always make it sure to pay full the balance every end of the month.

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October 6, 2015
by Wealth Desire

What Rich People Focus on is the Best Way of Getting Rich

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Rich People Focus on the Best Way of Getting Rich

Rich People Focus on the Best Way of Getting Rich

What do you think that most rich people focus on?  While poor people focus on working for money.  Poor people and middle class miss the best secret of getting rich because the focus on wrong wealth building strategies.

Most people focus on the outcomes not visible things.

They don’t think the invisible process how ordinary people become financially successful.  It does not matter how you make a living and how much you earn.

What matter is if you know how to be a winner or successful.  Successful people are those who lead the game of money.

Rich get richer because they become expert in the game of money.

I believe that wealthy people are the real winners in every money game.  Remember that the winners never quit.

“Rich people play the money game to win. Poor people play the money game not to lose.”T. Harv. Eker (Secrets of Millionaire Mind)

Wealthy people become winners because they apply the best secret of wealth building.

Bill Gates, Carlos Slim Helu and Warren Buffet are only few human species in our era that are proficient in playing the game of money or in creating wealth.

Start focusing on your time and your life to reach this dream destination

Start focusing on your time and your life to reach this dream destination

They become wealthy through building their own fortune over period of time. They did not get rich overnight.

Bill Gates is the latest world richest man.  He became rich because he started his own business venture at an early stage of his life.

To start early he sacrifices his education from Harvard University.  He quit his study in one the world’s best university because he cannot afford to wait for 1 year to 4 years before launching his first computer venture.

I have this friend Alex (not his real name) while gaining his employment he starts his side business. Then after 5 years of working he quit his job to focus on his construction business.

He focused on what matter to his life and his business.  According to him, he will not get rich in working even though he will spend 20 to 30 years in working with someone.

I really agree with what my friend told me.  If we keep trading our time and knowledge to someone still we are in the rat race or in living pay cheque to pay cheque.

Do you know the real meaning of wealth?

“Life is a game. Money is how we keep score.” – Ted Turner

Before you start building your wealth, you must know the real definition of wealth.  Certainly you will get lost if you do not know the real meaning.

To poor and middle class people wealth is having plenty of money.

For affluent people wealth is having more time and experiencing the real financial freedom.

They want to invest their resources to have more time and to live in this world without worrying on their income and money.

It is obvious that the rich use their money to buy time.  While the poor keep selling their time to the wealthy people.

Wealthy business owner hire workers to work for them.  He is buying the time of his/her workers by paying wages.

The more workers the affluent people hired the more time they have to run and operate their respective business.

The fact is most wealthy people are buying time to have freedom either personal or financial freedom.

The rich life of the richest man on earth

The rich life of the richest man on earth

What Matter Most in Getting Rich

Time is the most important tool in making rich.  No one in this world build his fortune in a very short span of time.

There is no such thing as shortcut in building wealth.  There is a process behind every success or every fortune that we earn.  That process takes much time to produce good results.

It is a wise decision to focus early in saving your money and to invest your savings.  As much as possible avoid keeping your money in the bank.  The interest in the bank is not worth it.

The Best Secret of  Getting Rich

Maximize your time.  Do not procrastinate in saving and investing or even in starting your own business.  Never wait for the right time.  There is no such thing as a right time.

Like Carlos Slim and Warren Buffet they started saving at an early age.  At young age they are aware that one of the best wealth building strategies is to start early.

Carlos Slim started investing in stock at the age of 12 years old.

What we reap today is what we sow yesterday.

The best secret of getting rich is investing time.  Focus on your action at early stage of your life either by investing or starting your own business.

Like my friend Alex, because of his patience, he is reaping the fruit of his labor now.  He became rich because he prioritizes what matters most in building wealth.

He prioritizes building his business as early as possible.

However, most of the people are poor because they don’t have the patience to wait the result of every process getting rich.  They want the outcome to show up immediately.

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