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Why People Want to be Rich – Best Reasons of Getting Rich


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“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor”.   –Sholom Aleichem

Why People Want to be Rich – Best Reasons of Getting Rich

Why People Want to be Rich – Best Reasons of Getting Rich

Human by nature has an obsession to acquire wealth and possession for different reasons, intentions and reference.  Everyone that has a wealth desire to become rich has his or her own inspiration or reasons to accumulate a significant amount of money over the period.  The living proof of this are the rich people, they are the result of the process of making money, pursuing fulfillment and financial goals.

I suspected many people did not get rich even though they are working hard with their long hour stressful jobs because of the wrong reasons or intention to be rich.  To get rich, you need to have strong reasons that will give you motivation to fulfill your fantasy of money.  If you want to know the best reasons of getting rich, please continue reading below.

Why People Want to be Rich?

We have only one life in this world, why not take the opportunities to live your life to the fullest, to eat the food you like and to get everything you want in life.  Getting rich or having money is necessary to have a life that you are dreaming of, to be financially free, and to enjoy every moment of your life.

 Here are the 4 best reasons of getting rich

1.    Economic Status

If your family economic status at present is middle-class, then going to the next level is necessary.  Being rich, you can avoid working for long hours and do stressful jobs.  That is why, most of the rich people hated to have a paycheck-to-paycheck cycle of life and working with someone they do not like.  Successful people become motivated because they want to improve their standard of living; they want more money to have a high – end lifestyle.  Furthermore, getting rich is a pre-requisite of having a fulfilling experience of living not only with you but with your family and love ones as well.      

2.    Personal Freedom

The best reason why you need to be rich nowadays is to have a personal freedom.  Without accumulating huge amount of money, whether by investment or savings in your bank account, you will not have a full control of your life. Having more money can make you do what you love doing anytime and you can spend more quality time with your kids or family.  Other people want to be rich because of freedom that allows them to travel around the world with their family.  They have the choice whether to work or not; they do not like being directed or influenced what to do.

 3.    Financial Freedom

According to Albert Einstein, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  If you want to have a financial freedom, you need to learn and do differently to earn more money.  You need to find other means to make your money grow or to leverage your resources so that you will get rich.   Getting rich and knowing how to earn more money will give you the joy and reward of financial freedom.

Having a financial freedom, you can buy all the things that you want like your fantasy car, etc.  With much money, you can afford to send your children to the best schools in your country and you can provide your family a beautiful home in your preferred neighborhood.  You can pamper yourself and your wife whatever luxury lifestyle you want without worrying your finances.

4.    Life Span

Did you know that nowadays, there are many latest technology and health studies that focused on how to increase the life span of human being?  Latest technology for health and wellness can give you more options on how to treat your disease and you have a big chance to cure your illness. If you get ill and you do not have health insurance, what would you do?  Unfortunately, only those that are rich or have more money, have the chance of increasing their life span.  It is not a financial burden for rich people to pay highly paid medical practitioners yet gives the best of their service.

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 My Wealth Desire’s Word of Wisdom

Now that you are aware the reasons why other people want to be rich, are you motivated also to become rich?  What you will do to get rich? What are the wealth strategies of getting rich?  No problem, in one of my next articles, I will take up this topic to answer and guide you to become rich.  Always remember as Hugh Hefner said, “Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream”.

Thank you for reading.

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